Water Plants

Take a Splash!


Not only do water plants add beauty and aesthetic balance to your pond, they also help keep your pond healthy and your fish happy. Atlantic Gardening Company is proud to offer one of the biggest selection of water plants in the Triangle, including water lilies and lotus, floating plants, tropicals, emergent and submerged plants. We also carry other accessories like pond potting soil and floating islands for the creative water gardener. Don’t forget to visit our pond department inside for equipment and other necessities, as well as our collection of fish and snails out back

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Learn More about Water Gardening

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Containerized Water Gardens

If you don’t have the time or space for an in ground garden pond, or simply want an interesting container for the patio, try a potted water garden!


Growing Water Lilies

Water lilies (Nymphaea) are among some of the most beautiful blooming pond plants.


Types of Water Plants

While there are the beautiful blooming lilies everyone loves there are a variety of other types of plants that should be incorporated into your pond.