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Atlantic Gardening is Raleigh’s largest resource for all of your water gardening supplies, from Koi fish to algae control. Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced water gardener, we can answer your questions and help you create a beautiful oasis that’s the signature feature of your backyard landscape.

Whether it’s a small reflecting pool, koi pond, fountain, elaborate waterfall or a container water garden, adding a water feature to your home garden creates a tranquil environment equally perfect for relaxation or entertaining.  Do you have limited space?  Consider a potted water garden.

We carry a full line of pond care and water gardening supplies as well as a large selection of pond fish and aquatic plants.
Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the water feature for that’s right for your garden, by providing tips on how to build a pond, or helping select the right water fountain and pump.

We carry a variety of pumps and filters, as well as a selection of hard to find fittings, plus cut-to-order tubing and liner.

In addition to our pond hardware, our beautiful selection of aquatic plants are perfect for your new or existing pond or water garden.  We stock a variety of potted and floating plants including, hyacinth, lettuce, lotus, lilies and more! Our water lily selection includes both tropical and hardy varieties.  Duke Garden’s recently added some of our lilies to their collection.  We can’t wait to track their progress this summer!  Plants provide many benefits and help create a healthy pond environment.  Come see our selection and add some new plants to your pond this season.

We carry an abundance of healthy fish in all sizes.  Choose from catfish, koi, shubunkin, comets and more.  Plus other critters for your pond such as tadpoles and snails.  Selection may vary week to week.

Our water gardening products include such well known brand names as Aquascape, Pond Care, Green Clean, ADI, Laguna, Pond Master and more.