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Atlantic Gardening Company is Raleigh’s largest resource for all of your water gardening supplies. Whether you’re just getting started or are an experienced water gardener, we can answer your questions and help you create a beautiful oasis that’s the signature feature of your backyard landscape.

pond supplies & hardware

  • pumps & filters

  • pipes

  • lighting

  • pond aeration

  • water treatments & algaecides

  • cut-to-order tubing & pond liner

  • aquatic plant food & planting media

fish and pond critters

  • koi

  • goldfish

  • catfish

  • shubunkin

  • comets

  • tadpoles

  • snails

In the nursery, you’ll find a wide selection of aquatic plants perfect for your new or existing pond or water garden.  

Read more about our water plants here.

Learn More about Water Gardening


Healthy Components of a Pond

Naturally balanced ponds require much less maintenance. In this article, learn how to create and maintain a healthy functioning pond.

pond in pot.jpg

Water Gardening in Containers

If you don’t have the time or space for an in ground garden pond, or simply want an interesting container for the patio, try a potted water garden!


Oxygenating Your Pond

Oxygen plays a vital role in the health of your pond. Fish depend on oxygen in the water to survive and oxygen also helps keep water clean and clear.