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ORCHIDS, Tropicals, SUCCULENTS, & Houseplants

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best selection of orchids in North Carolina. Over the past several decades, we have earned a reputation for our stunning orchid arrangements and high-quality designs.

Some of the orchid services we offer include:
·         Orchids in ready-made containers
·         Custom arrangements for your home, office, or special occasion
·         Pots, containers, orchid accessories, potting mix, and fertilizers
·         Orchid re-potting
·         Orchid classes 
·         Leasing & maintenance for your home, office, or special event

We also carry a vast selection of  succulents, houseplants and tropicals including indoor plants suitable for the home or office. Houseplants add a natural element to your décor while drastically improving air quality and reducing stress.


Trees & Shrubs

Atlantic Gardening Company is Raleigh's premier tree and shrub nursery. Trees define the character and shape of any yard and determine the placement of all the plants within the area. Shrubs provide color, texture, and contour. Our staff will give you the knowledge and tools you need to make all of your plants bloom!

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Annuals pansies


Bursting with color, peeking shyly from corners or blazing center stage, Atlantic Gardening Company's annuals are an absolute necessity in any landscape. Our annuals fill containers, baskets and beds with color and texture. Annuals have a one-year life cycle and, like a fun fashion find, can be changed with every season to fit any mood or theme.

We have a huge array of annuals in all sizes and colors to enliven sunny porches or shady patios. From individual pots to full flats and extravagant hanging baskets, our expert staff will help you choose the perfect combination for any situation.



Atlantic Gardening Company carries a dynamic selection of stunning perennials that provide flowers and foliage for every season. Useful as shades or fence decorators, perennials are also outstanding plants for the landscape or containers that return year after year!  They help define the seasons with their yearly progression of foliage and flowers.

Peonies and irises make way for verbenas and lantanas, which bloom throughout the hottest summer days. Daylilies and daisies take us through the summer, until the asters and chrysanthemums burst out in the fall. In winter, we enjoy the blooms of the hellebores and the foliage of the huecheras while dormant grasses provide texture and movement. Perennials often leave behind flower heads and seed pods to be delicately etched with frost or feasted upon by various birds and wildlife.