Plant Leasing, Office Plants, Interior Plants, Lobby Plants

Impress your clients, guest experience and tenants with Interior Plantscaping & Orchid Design enhancements. Whether you are looking to lease or purchase our professional services include:

  • Interior plantscaping design

  • Wide variety of custom containers

  • High quality plants, tropicals, succulents & orchids

  • Installation

  • Professional Maintenance Services

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 Lobby Plants, Plant Leasing, Interior Design, Plant Containers, Raleigh NC 
 Plant Leasing, Orchid Leasing, Orchid Arrangement, Raleigh NC
 Plant Leasing, Office Plants, Containers, Raleigh NC

We can transform your offices and lobbies into stunning, welcoming spaces. The natural beauty of plants breathe life into your indoor environment and makes lasting impressions on your clients and customers. We can provide interior plantscaping design with orchid arrangements, custom containers, high grade plants and trees to assist you in creating an attractive, healthy environment for your business.

Our interior plant leasing and professional plant maintenance service is offered to commercial clients in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area including offices, hotels, atriums, commercial buildings, restaurants and malls. We also have design services and rentals for weddings and special events

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