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Impress your clients, guest experience and tenants with Interior Plantscaping & Orchid Design enhancements. Whether you are looking to purchase or rent plants for office, weddings or other events, our professional Designscape services include:

  • Work with the client to devise an interior landscaping design

  • A wide variety of custom containers to choose from to suit your individual style

  • Exotic and high-quality plants in the tropical, succulents & orchid families

  • Installation once approved

  • Professional Maintenance Services so your plants are always fresh and beautiful

What Is Plant Leasing? 

Plant leasing allows you to lease out a particular plant or set of plants for a specified period of time, rather than buying them. This is a great way to add visual interest to your office, commercial space, or any other building.

Leasing Vs. Buying – The Benefits Of Leasing Plants

Buying plants can be a good idea for the long-term. If you are planning on keeping the same plants for multiple years and are willing to give them the attention they need, it’s a reasonable option.

However, leasing plants from Atlantic Gardening Company has a number of benefits.

  • No maintenance is required. Our team will come and take care of any plants that are not looking their best, ensuring the best possible appearance.

  • You get increased flexibility and can choose to lease new plants if you’re ready for a change.

  • We setup, install, and arrange your plants for you. No material or time is required on your part. This makes things much easier for you!

Contact Us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your leasing and maintenance requirements.

Lobby Plants, Plant Leasing, Interior Design, Plant Containers, Raleigh NC
Plant Leasing, Orchid Leasing, Orchid Arrangement, Raleigh NC
Plant Leasing, Office Plants, Containers, Raleigh NC

We can transform your offices and lobbies into stunning, welcoming spaces. The natural beauty of plants breathe life into your indoor environment and makes lasting impressions on your clients and customers. We can provide interior plantscaping design with orchid arrangements, custom containers, high grade plants and trees to assist you in creating an attractive, healthy environment for your business.

Our interior plant leasing and professional plant maintenance service is offered to commercial clients in the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area including offices, hotels, atriums, commercial buildings, restaurants and malls. We also have design services and rentals for weddings and special events.

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