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Orchidaceae are a species of flowering plants that feature a beautiful appearance and fragrant, exotic smell. Flowers within this species are typically known as “orchids.” One of the two largest families of blooming plants, orchids are spectacular and eye-catching. “Orchid” literally means a complex flow that is bizarrely shaped that has a large and special lip.

When are Orchids in season? 

Orchids typically bloom in the winter to spring time when things come alive, exploding with color. However, there are some species that bloom throughout the year. They usually bloom one to two times annually. After their first bloom they may seem to go dormant, but with some extra attention it’s possible to get them to rebloom. Their blooming schedule depends on where you live and the temperature outside.

How to care for orchids

If you want your orchid to continue to bloom, although water is essential, you want to avoid over-watering it. You will do more harm by over- instead of under-watering your plant. Also, keep your orchid away from any cold drafts and excessive temperatures changes or from dry heat. Try not to place them in an area where they will be exposed to direct sunlight. The best place for your plant is a warm, mild, and - if possible - humid environment, to keep it healthy and blooming year-round. 

The orchid is a delicate plant, so treat it with TLC and it will return the favor. Orchids offer a spectacular display of color that you can enjoy year-round. If you need some help choosing the right plant or care instructions, a professional from Atlantic Gardening Company can guide you on how to keep your plant healthy and in bloom.

At Atlantic Gardening Company, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best selection of orchids in North Carolina. Over the past several decades, we have earned a reputation for our stunning orchid arrangements and high-quality designs.

Some of the orchid services we offer include:
·         Orchids in ready-made containers
·         Custom arrangements for your home, office, or special occasion
·         Pots, containers, orchid accessories, potting mix, and fertilizers
·         Orchid re-potting
·         Orchid classes 
·         Leasing & maintenance for your home, office, or special event


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