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We have everything you need to attract and keep birds in your yard and garden.

  • Food:  We carry a wide variety of bird feed including seed and suet. We carry feeders from leading manufacturers including Droll & Yankee, Squirrel Buster and Green Solutions made from recycled plastic.

  • Water:  We offer a multitude of bird baths of different materials including ceramic pottery, concrete and decorative glass basin. We also carry a selection of fountains, pond kits and water gardening supplies.

  • Shelter:  We have a variety of wooden and decorative birdhouses in all shapes and sizes. And remember – there’s no better shelter for birds than trees! Be sure to visit our large selection of trees and shrubs, including evergreens for year round protection.


We are a certified Mann Lake dealer with ten hives on the property & honey for sale. In addition, we also offer beekeeping classes & have everything you need to start and build your own hives.

If you're interested in beekeeping, check out our workshops schedule and/or if you're interested in having hives installed at your residence or business contact our Landscape Design department.


Interested in fresh herbs and vegetables for your kitchen, but don't own a yard or have room for a garden? Then hydroponics, or the art of growing plants without soil, is the best option for you.  Here at AGC, we carry everything you need for that kitchen counter herb garden or that garden in your garage.  We're authorized dealers of Hydrofarm - the nation's oldest and largest wholesaler and manufacturer of hydroponics equipment and grow lights. In addition, we offer workshops taught by some of North Carolina's best hydroponic authorities. Stop in today and start growing - no matter what season it is. 


We have a nice selection unique and appealing designs in fountains, statuary and garden decor that are available in numerous finishes.  A water fountain or the right statuary can bring a finishing touch to any garden.

Tools & Supplies

We feature a large selection of gardening tools and supplies to assist you in planting and maintaining your garden. Our top name brands include Felco, Radius, Jiffy, Classic by Flexrake and more.

Soil, AmendmentS, & FERTILIZERS

Soil is one of the most important components of a successful garden. To build healthy soil we recommend and carry a wide range of  products.  

In addition, we now offer bulk soil and mulch delivery as well. Click here for details.

We are proud to offer a broad range of organic amendments to help achieve a healthy soil. Organic fertilizers differ from chemicals in that they nourish plants while building the soil’s structure. Building a healthy soil is the key to successful organic gardening.

Pest & Disease Control

From mealy bugs to moles, scale to squirrels, we can help you find the appropriate chemical or organic method to solve your pest and disease problems. We carry products by Bonide, I Must Garden, Captain Jack’s and more.

Questions? Contact us.