the garden bar

Buy a Plant, Drink a Pint


What’s better than plants? Plants and local beer! Our custom built bar with unique garden tool taps is the perfect place to enjoy a pint or a glass of wine while you talk plants with your friends or stroll around our park-like property.

All beers on tap are local and rotate regularly. We also serve wine on tap and mimosas. Growlers are available in our custom-made metal Garden Bar containers

On Tap Now:

1. cloud’s brewing - drunk uncle

Dunkel Weisse. A full-bodied malty wheat beer

2. Clouds Brewing - Wolkenbrau 4.5%

Lager. A German/American hybrid with a crisp finish

3. Crank Arm - becky with the good bike 5.7%

Pumpkin Blonde. Slightly sweet pumpkin spices and lactose

4. Clouds Brewing - Today IPA 5.6%

IPA. Smooth and easy-drinking

5. Noble Cider - Friar Fig 8.0%

Cider Perfect harmony of fig, brandy & spices

6. red oak - bavarian amber 5.0%

Amber. Carolina’s favorite amber lager

7. Cloud’s Brewing - midnight delight nitro 7.2%

Stout. Rich dark chocolate blended with superb creaminess