Our 2018 Week's Roses Collection

Nothing quite says “garden” like roses do. Elegant and nostalgic, roses bring a special charm to the landscape, wherever you plant them. From old-fashioned garden roses, to climbers and hybrid teas, each has its own wow factor and place in the garden.

In early spring, we bring in dormant roses from Week’s Roses. Week’s has been growing roses since 1938, and offers a wide variety of unique, quality roses. For plant nerds like us, it’s always exciting to see the year’s newest cultivars and varieties. (Do you remember the Downton Abbey themed roses from 2015??). This year, we’re offering 4 new 2018 cultivars, along with tried and true favorites.

NEW FOR 2018

frida kahlo.jpg

Frida Kahlo (Floribunda) 

Color: Scarlet red striped gold with red blush on finish.

Height/Habit: Medium / Upright & Bushy

Bloom/Size: Decorative & double / Medium - large, around 3-4" in diameter, in small clusters ( 25-40 petals)

Fragrance: Mild fruity



Lady in Red (Climber)

Color: Dark red, suffused with occasional black smoke

Height/Habit: Long canes 8-10 feet / Climbing and spreading

Bloom/Size: Old-fashioned and very double / Large, ruffled, around 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 inch in diameter, in small clusters, (35-50 petals)

Fragrance: Light tea





Parade Day (Grandiflora)

Color: Fuschia pink stiped with bright white

Height/Habit: Medium - tall / Upright and bushy

Bloom/Size: Spiraled, formal and double / Medium-large, around 3 -4 1/2 inch diameter (25-40 petals)

Fragrance: Strong citrus-like with hints of spice


rosie the riveter.jpg

Rosie the Riveter (Floribunda) 

Color: Orangey-gold suffused with gold reverse

Height/Habit: Medium / Rounded and bushy

Bloom/Size: Old-fashioned and double / Medium 3 - 3 1/2 inch diameter (30 - 45 petals)

Fragrance: Moderate fruity and spice/cinnamon




New Dawn (Climber) – cameo pink

Joseph’s Coat (Climber) – red, pink, orange and yellow

Zephirine Drouhin (Climber) - pink

Intrigue (Floribunda) – novel plum-purple

Livin’ Easy (Floribunda) – apricot orange blend

Take it Easy (Shrub) – red with lighter reverse / white eye

Rio Samba (Hybrid Tea) – blushing yellow