This beautiful blooming shrub is a southern classic and a must for every yard.  It’s perfect for any shady spot and will produce huge clusters of flowers.  Varieties differ in plant size, bloom type, and color.  Oakleaf hydrangeas have gorgeous foliage that reddens dramatically in fall, Endless Summer varieties bloom 10-12 weeks longer than other varieties, climbing varieties cover any vertical spot nicely and Pistachio is a new and exciting variety with blooms in chartreuse lined with burgundy!  There is even a new hard to find variegated variety that is gorgeous. Hydrangeas prefer moist fertile soil in part to full shade.  Some cultivars remain one color and others change based on the pH of the soil!

Changing the Color of Hydrangeas

The traditional hydrangea changes colors based on soil pH.  A lower pH (5.2-5.5 range) produces the blue colored bloom and a higher, more alkaline pH produces the pink.  To turn blue flowers pink, use lime.  To turn pink flowers blue, use aluminum sulfate. The color change can take up to a year so be patient and apply the additive as directed.

Below this gallery find descriptions of each cultivar featured on this page.  We normally have 20- 30 different varieties in stock but our selection changes with the seasons.  Please call to confirm current selection.

Invincibelle Spirit
A cultivated variety of the native hydrangea arborescens (Smooth Hydrangea), selected for it’s pink flowers and sturdy stems.  Flowers are a rich pink then fade to a soft green.  Blooms on new growth so the coldest winter won’t keep it from blooming. Re-bloomer.

Compact hydrangea with deep reddish-pink or blue-purple flowers depending on soil acidity.

Gatsby Pink
Oakleaf hydrangea introduced by Proven Winners with big, showy blooms that quickly age from pure white to pink.  Handsome dark-green foliage turns burgundy in autumn.  Months of color. North American native.

Everlasting Ocean
Long lasting flowers shift through shades of pink to white to green as they age.  Compact.

Light of Day
An elegant lace-cap hydrangea with clean, crisp, green & white variegated foliage.  Outer flowers are pale blue while the center flowers will be bright blue or soft pink depending on soil pH.

Lacy Hearts (Climbing)
Extremely rare selection of the Japanese hydrangea vine.  Often accented with white, lace-cap hydrangea-like blooms in summer.  Foliage nearly shimmers with heart shaped leaves highlighted with splashes of creamy white; this vine make a dramatic statement with foliage alone.  A Dan Hinkley selection from Monrovia.

A striking plant for the landscape.  White blooms turn to a strong reddish-pink as they age and remain attractive summer to fall. Blooms are held on upright, sturdy stems.

Red Charm
Showy dark-pink blooms with very dark glossy leaves.  In acidic soils flowers will be more blue-purple.

Endless Summer Bloom Struck
The newest addition to the Endless Summer collection.  This re-blooming mophead blooms on old and new wood.  Blooms are perfectly rounded pink, violet or blue flowers (depending on soil pH) averaging 3.5-5” in diameter.  Stems are a unique red-purple and green foliage features attractive red veins and petioles.

Endless Summer Twist & Shout
The first re-blooming lacecap hydrangea! Flowers are pink or periwinkle.  Vivid color on sturdy red stems.

Endless Summer Blushing Bride
Pure white mophead blooms gradually mature to a blushing pink.  Disease and mildew resistant.

Endless Summer The Original
A seemingly traditional mophead hydrangea is nothing ordinary.  The Endless Summer hydrangea outperforms old-fashioned hydrangeas by blooming twice as long!  Color can change from pink to blue.

Tuff Stuff
Don’t be fooled by this tiny reblooming shrub; it’s extremely hardy. Abundant lacecap blooms lean toward blue but may range from blue to pink to white.  Does well in the landscape and patio containers.  Prefers moist, well drained soil but is adaptable to sun or part shade.  Grows to just 1.5-2 feet tall!

This cultivar is tough!  It adapts to a variety of soils and even takes sun (but still works in shade too!).  Flowers are a unique light green held on sturdy stems that come from mid-summer until frost.

Little Lime
Dwarf variety with green summer flowers turning to pink in fall.  Works well in containers.

Pinky Winky
Two-toned flowers in pink and white! Large panicles up to 16” long bloom white with lower flowers quickly turning pink.  Upright on strong stems with dark green foliage.

Let’s Dance Moonlight
Large and vivid mophead flowers in summer – color varies from pink to purple to blue depending on  soil pH.  Reblooming.

Abundant white flowers in summer.  Dwarf.  Blooms turn pinkish in fall.

Buttons & Bows
Sensational and unique pink flowers edged in white!  Large mophead blooms emerge lime and then change.  Great for containers too!

Produces unique pink double blooms.  A repeat bloomer too! (not pictured)

Vanilla Strawberry
Enormous flower heads begin midsummer and last into fall.  Blooms emerge pale green, turn to cream and then to pink.  These ever changing blooms are always emerging so this blooming shrub displays all of these transitional colors at once.  Plants begin upright and then weep adding to the visual appeal.  In the south these plants do best in part sun or dappled shade.  They’ll grow to 6-7 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide in just a few years.   Butterflies love them as much as we do!

Golden Crane
White and chartreuse lacecap blooms in early spring.  Jasmine-like fragrance!

Nikko Blue
Abundant flower clusters.  In more alkaline soils, flower may have a pink hue.

Mophead blossoms in lime green trimmed with scarlet and dotted with a blue eye!  Truly magnificent!  Compact growth and disease resistant.

Munchkin Oakleaf
Introduction from the U.S. National Arboretum.  Large flower clusters with oak-like leaves.  Upright blooms open white and age to pink.  In fall, foliage turns to brilliant mahogany.  Compact.

Mariesii Variegated Lacecap
Spectacular!  Green leaves with cream edges.  Lacecaps blooms that vary from blue to pink depending on soil pH.

Huge white flower heads.

Plum Passion
First ever purple leafed hydrangea for american gardens was discovered in Asia and brought to us by Dan Hinkley.  A unique shrub with greenish purple new foliage.  Leaves age to dark purple with rosy-purple undersides.  Wispy flowers contrast with the dramatic foliage.  Excellent fall color.

Big Daddy
From the Southern Living plant collection, gigantic blooms that change with soil pH.  Blooms Summer and Fall.

Wide blooms in deep blue with florets in the center and flowers on the outer edge.

Alice Oakleaf
One of the largest oakleaf hydrangea.  Large white blooms and oak-like leaves.  Crimson foliage in fall.

Ellen Huff
Upright flowers with panicles reaching up to 12″!  Vigorous grower.  Burgundy fall foliage.  (not pictured)

Ruby Slippers
Large clusters of flowers that begin white and mature to deep pink.  Oak shaped leaves are mahogany in fall.  Compact and robust.

Stunning upright panicles packed with florets which transform from pure white summer blooms to rich pomegranate pink.

Cardinal Red
Rare red mophead variety grows 4ft tall & wide.  To maintain the beautiful red hue in acidic soils add just 1/2 cup of garden lime once per year.

Let’s Dance Rhapsody Blue
Despite the name, blooms could be pink or blue depending on the soil pH.  Grows 2-3 ft tall.  Reblooms in part sun to sun.  Gorgeous mophead blooms.

Let’s Dance Starlight – 1st Re-blooming lacecap!
Vibrant lacecap blooms re-bloom all summer.  Vivid flower coloration and handsome glossy foliage.

Let’s Dance Big Easy
Large, vivid, mophead flowers – possibly the largest of all mopheads.  Huge blooms progress with color changes – pinkish green to pink and back to green.  Soil pH affects color.  A reliable re-bloomer!

Strawberry Sundae
A new addition to the plant world.  A compact hydrangea with flower emerging creamy white in mid-summer, changing to pink and finally to strawberry-red lasting well into fall.  A fantastic choice for small gardens and containers.

Jet Stream
Gorgeous oakleaf hydrangea is dense and compact with strong wands of blooms – bright white, cone shaped flowers cover plants through summer.  As blooms fade they transform to dark, dusty-pink.  Dark green foliage is disease resistant and turns an amazing orange-red in fall.  Grows 5-6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide.

Pee Wee
This dwarf oak leaf is perfect for small gardens.  White flowers fade to pink with beautiful fall foliage.

Snow Queen

Large, dense 6-8in long clusters of white flowers that turn rose-pink in fall when leaves turn deep red-bronze. Moderate grower to 4-5 feet tall and 5-6 feet wide.

Pink Elf
Miniature in size; just 2ft tall and wide at maximum.  These plants may be small but the pack a big punch in blooms!  Numerous long lasting rich pink flower heads ideal small shrub for tight areas, accents, borders or containers in shady areas.

Ivory Magic
Variegated false climbing hydrangea

Vigorous climbing hydrangea clings to brick and stucco easily.  Dark green variegated foliage has yellow to creamy white margins.  Showy, fragrant blooms in late spring to early summer.  Also works as a groundcover.

Vigorous climbing variety with lacecap blooms.

Chinese Moonlight
Silvery leaves dazzle even when not flowering.  Shade.

Great Star
Giant star-shaped flower clusters are creamy white and up to 4″ in diameter.  Blooms continuously from mid summer to frost.  Full sun to part shade.

Blue Enchantress
New re-blooming hydrangea with sturdy ruby-black stems supporting big, beautiful, mophead flowers blooming continuously through summer.  Blooms begin pink of blue depending on pH & age to vintage cream splashed green.  A stunning selection perfect for dappled shade.

Mountain Hydrangea ‘Chiri-San Sue’
A superb shrub for shade border or woodland garden, valued for abundant blooms. Highly textured, dark and unique, foliage covers the mounded form. Fertile flower clusters are encircled by ray florets, blue in acidic soils and pink in more alkaline conditions. Deciduous.

Glowing Embers
Large rounded clusters of enchanting pink blooms cover this upright, rounded shrub from summer through fall.  Part sun.  Grows to 6ft tall and wide.–