Healthy Components of a Pond

Naturally balanced ponds require much less maintenance.  With a healthy established ecosystem you can spend more time admiring your pond from your outdoor living space and less time working in your garden.  We at Atlantic Gardening Company can teach you how to create and maintain a healthy functioning pond.

Keys to Healthy Pond Function

1. Filtration removes harmful debris and provides an area for beneficial bacteria to colonize.  Select a high quality filter system that includes both a mechanical filter and biological filter.  A good filter will skim large debris from the pond surface, to prevent accumulation of organic matter on the bottom of the pond, as well as remove excess nutrients from the water.

2. Rocks and Gravel provides a surface for beneficial bacteria to grow and also protects the pond liner from harmful UV rays.  Select rocks and gravel to cover the entire floor of the pond to ensure maximum amount of surface area.  The beneficial bacteria helps to breakdown both excess nutrients in the water, and the organic debris on the pond floor.

3. Recirculation System keeps water flowing and aerates the water.  Select a pump the correct size for your application.  This is essential for the function of your waterfall as well as maintaining proper water flow and providing the proper amount of oxygen in the water.

4. Fish eat algae and clean up the pond floor.  They are an integral part of the ecosystem although they are often seen as high maintenance.  They actually reduce pond maintenance by eating algae and debris left along the pond floor.  They also provide endless natural entertainment.  Learn more about our fish selection here.

5. Plants – are Mother Nature’s cleaners! Plants are essential to the health of a pond for many reasons. They use excess nutrients in the pond to flourish, they control algae by depriving it of it’s natural food source and blocking UV rays algae needs to grow, and they provide shelter for fish. Learn more about pond plants here.

Our expert staff will be happy to help you if you have any questions about your future or existing pond or water garden.  Please stop by our store today or call us at (919) 878-8877 for all of your pond needs.