Get Ready for Fall!


We hope you are all as excited as we are for cooler temperatures. It’s tough being a gardener in this heat -- believe us, we know!

Since fall is (hopefully) just around the corner, we thought we’d share what’s coming up in September.


New Plant Arrivals

The beginning of September is a busy time. We’ll be bringing in truck-

loads of new material from around the country to give you the best selection for fall planting.

Among other things, this will include:

▪Specialty conifers


▪Japanese maples

▪Fall-blooming perennials

▪Pansies and other cool-season annuals


▪Flowering trees


Make sure you stay tuned – we’ll be announcing arrivals in our e-newsletter each week.

Wine & Design Workshops

Every month this fall, we’ll have one or two special wine & design workshops after hours. The theme for September is Grapevine Wreaths. Each attendee will receive one 12” grapevine wreath and plenty of choices to decorate it with, along with a complimentary glass of wine while you design. Space in these workshops is limited, so make sure you register early if you are interested!

Register or Learn about more workshops being offered this fall


Don’t Wait for Help - Make a 1-on-1 Appointment with one of our Team Members

Are you planning a new project, but don’t know what to plant where? Do you simply want some extra advice for your project and want to make sure your favorite Atlantic Team Member is available to help you out while you’re here?

We’re excited to announce a new service, starting right after Labor Day! If you are considering planting a new bed or other small area of your yard (we recommend a maximum of 500 sq ft per appointment), simply go to our website and book a FREE thirty-minute appointment with one of our professional associates. During this appointment, you will discuss your needs with your designer so he/she can make suggestions that work. Bring pictures of your space, as well as general measurements if you have them. Your designer will show you plant options that fit your needs and space and help you lay out plants so that they are appropriate spaced and composed aesthetically to your taste.

This new service also includes Custom Container Gardens, both indoor and outdoor. Simply pick the type of appointment you need when you schedule. You may bring your own pot to plant or purchase one for your container garden.

Limited appointments are available each week. Make sure to plan in advance if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity!

Types of Appointments Available:

Landscape – Primarily trees, shrubs and perennials for your outdoor garden. Bring pictures and measurements!

Container Garden (outdoor) – colorful annuals for the season and long-lasting perennials if you wish

Container Garden (indoor) – arrange houseplants and/or orchids in one pot for stunning live decor inside your home.

Make an Appointment!


Full Landscaping Services

Fall is one of the best times to plant. Atlantic can help with the dirty work, but our schedule fills up fast. If you know you’re interested in our full design & installation services this fall, go ahead and call us today! We’ll help you with a plan, so all is ready to go at a planting time that’s good for you.

Schedule a Consultation!

September Garden Tasks To-Do

Are you ready to get back in the garden? Here’s the most important garden tasks of September:

• Replant your vegetable garden with cool-season crops such as lettuce, kale, cabbage, and broccoli.

• Start planting spring-blooming bulbs for next year, such as daffodils, tulips, and crocus.

• Divide and transplant spring blooming perennials

• Plant new trees and shrubs