8 Tips for Sprucing up your Spring Landscape

As winter begins to recede and warmer temperatures visit us more and more frequently, we begin to rethink our gardens and make plans for the coming season. Are those shrubs in front of your foundation getting too big for the space? Do you have empty or overgrown beds that you think need new life? Would more flowering plants increase your curb appeal? Before the spring rush hits and time gets away from us, let’s make some plans together. Here’s our top tips for sprucing up your landscape this coming season:


1.       Mulch Beds. Before weeds start germinating, have your landscape team reapply mulch for the season. Mulch also gives a fresh look to your beds, looks tidy, and increases your curb appeal.

2.       Edge Beds. While you are it mulching your beds, it’s a good time to re-edge them as well. Folks tell us repeatedly that one of the most positive low-cost impacts to their curb appeal was simply fresh mulch with a clean edge.

3.       Prune Trees & Shrubs. If you have overgrown plants, now’s the time to prune them. Just be aware that if you prune spring-blooming shrubs that bloom on old wood, you might lose a season of flowers. Wait to prune shrubs like azaleas until after they’ve bloomed.

4.       Install new sod. Spring is the best time to install new sod. Whether you want to patch up shoddy spots, or reinstall your entire lawn, new sod will instantly transform your yard.

5.  Apply Pre-emergent. Don't let weeds get the upper hand this year. Applying pre-emergent prevents weed seeds from germinating. The preventive approach requires accurate timing to be effective. Apply very early in spring, and make sure you buy a pre-emergent that is suitable for your turf type, as some pre-emergents can harm existing plants.

6.       Plant Trees & Shrubs. Before temperatures get warm, plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. This allows them time to root in and become established before summer sets in, giving them a greater chance of surviving. Make sure you water new plants ever few days while they are establishing.

7.       Plant annuals for color. Annuals are the most bang for your buck when it comes to color. Even though they only bloom for one season, they bloom continuously through the season, while perennials bloom for a short period only.

8.       Hire Atlantic Designscapes to help. We offer full landscape design and plant installation services. Sit back and let us do this hard work; we’ll make sure your dreams for your yard become a reality. Want to do it yourself but have questions? Visit our Trees & Shrubs Department for advice.