Agastache – A Perfect Plant

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Golden Jubilee

Golden Jubilee

We find many of our customers ask for plants that flower all summer, come in a range of colors, are low maintenance and return year after year.  This versatile plant from the mint family hits the bill on all of these things.  Best, it only gets prettier and fuller as time goes on.  This  trouble free perennial is known for it’s long bloom time.   It is a tough plant able to take on the summer sun and poor soils as well as flourish in part shade.  It likes regular watering but once established is quite drought tolerant.  The plant’s dense spikes of small tubular flowers are loved by hummingbirds as well as butterflies and other pollinators. Agastache is wonderful planted in mass and also works great in containers.  It has an array of common names such as giant hyssop, hummingbird sage, hummingbird mint and anise hyssop.  Bloom and foliage colors vary with ‘Summer Glow’ featuring dark green foliage and yellow flowers and ‘Golden Jubilee’ sporting light green “golden” leaves with purple blooms.   ‘Grape Nectar’ blooms in a gorgeous slightly more pinkish tone.  Add a few of these beauties to your garden beds and they are sure to put on a great show every summer.

The Plant You’re Looking For!

Agastache (Hyssop) is a fabulous perennial plant that fits the bill on most gardeners plant wish list.  It features a long bloom time, is loved by pollinators, it’s fragrant and it’s generally trouble free.  This herbaceous perennial is native to North America and comes in blooms colors of purple to pink to mauve to white.  Plants form generous mounding clumps with jagged-edged, lance-shaped leaves and upright spikes with tubular flowers spring or summer through fall (specific bloom time can vary between cultivars).  These plants thrive in well draining soil in full sun and prefer deep, infrequent watering.  Blooms are long lasting and plants tolerate heat, humidity, drought and early frost with ease.  They are also resistant to deer and rabbits.  Butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators flock to them by the dozen.  It’s a favorite of many of our staff!

Some of our Favorite Varieties

‘Blue Boa’ (shown above) features luxurious deep violet-blue flowers that are extremely showy.  Flower spikes on this award winning plant are tall, thick and plentiful and foliage is bright green.  An outstanding selection!

Blue Boa

Blue Boa

‘Cotton Candy’ is a brightly colored selection with dense clusters of small pink flowers that don’t stop! Blooms spring through fall.

‘Golden Jubilee’ is unique with bright chartreuse leaves contrasted with short spikes of purple flowers.  Leaves are brightest in all day sun.

Brittany Guntang