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Nothing brings more charm to a garden than the sound of birds singing. Invite your feathered friends into your yard with:

Food: You'll find a wide variety of bird feed including seed and suet in our garden shop. We carry feeders from leading manufacturers including Droll & Yankee, Squirrel Buster and Green Solutions made from recycled plastic.
Water: Bird baths decorate the garden as well as offer much needed water to our feathered friends. We offer a multitude of bird baths of different materials including ceramic pottery, concrete and decorative glass basin. We also carry a selection of fountains, pond kits and water gardening supplies.
Shelter: Pamper your birds with a stylish home! We have a variety of wooden and decorative birdhouses in all shapes and sizes. And remember – there’s no better shelter for birds than trees! Be sure to visit our large selection of trees and shrubs, including evergreens for year round protection.